Aaron Padgett

Return to Earth
2' x 2' x 3'

Return to Earth II
2' x 1' x 2'


I am from the small town of Fairfax, South Carolina, where the art scene is lacking but the beauty is not. I attended the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities in Greenville where I gained appreciation for sculpture and ceramics. At Winthrop University, I'm working to earn a B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in ceramics. Although I have been working extensively with functional pottery in recent years, I have decided to return to my sculptural interests using the natural medium of clay because of its primordial essence. Clay is a weathered product of ancient rock, therefore its “life and death” is a natural cycle that has sparked my interest. My main goal after graduating is to build a kiln and produce work as an independent artist, selling work to galleries, private buyers and in a shop that I plan to open.

Artist Statement:

Working with ceramics, I try to find ways to reference the natural world and bridge the separation between mankind and nature. I do this by focusing on a cycle that connects every living thing on the planet, being life, death, and rebirth. I start by constructing the human form with clay and imprinting tree bark textures on the surface. The result is a heavily textured hollow form that is fired and placed half-way into the ground with new plant life growing from the body. The basic intention is to evoke the feelings of mortality and humbleness by understanding that our bodies are made of ever-changing matter that serves us today, and serves another tomorrow.

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