Abigail O'Daniel


I was born in Florida but moved to Greenville, South Carolina, when I was two years old and will always call it home. I went to a small high school where art was not prevalent, and my first exposure to an art program was when I transferred to Winthrop in August 2013. I will graduate Winthrop University with a B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in commercial photography. I am currently interning at The Light Factory in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I have gained valuable experience in a creative environment. Though I love all the visual arts, photography has always been a medium that has influenced my life. I work in digital and film and hope to continue using both mediums throughout my career.  I aspire to work commercially in visual publication.

Artist Statement:

For this series, I was inspired by the family photographs that my grandmother gave me over the summer. I started thinking about the phrase “secret family recipe,” and how often family gets treated like a recipe. We are raised in an environment where a particular outcome is expected. The recipe of family is what brought about these photographs. I used my own family photographs and albums which led to an exploration of self-portraiture with the photographs. I used a large format camera and all photographs were taken on black and white 4x5 film.

Artist Statement: