Aimee Harman

Artisans of Edgefield
Digital Photography


I was born, raised and lived the first eighteen years of my life in Aiken, South Carolina; however, I cannot call any place 'home' other than Edgefield, S.C. Although the majority of active townspeople there are well above my own age, but I feel they have a core value and desire for art in their community. The downtown buildings are decorated in murals and around every corner and in every quaint shop, there are artists who help to remind me why art and my degree are important. I will graduate from Winthrop University, with a B.A. in Art and a minor in Art History. My professional goal is to work in a museum or gallery as a curator.

Artist Statement:

This body of work represents a type of curatorial process illustrating people I’ve come to know, or want to know better, as artists. They reflect Edgefield in different ways and represent portions of the town that I love.