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Steel, Mod Podge, plastic wrap, acrylic ink, LED lights
6 x 5.5 x 4 feet


Pulchritude. Beautiful.
Just like its name, this object consists of a dichotomy between its inherent foreboding presence and its lighter pleasant context.
I find beauty in many things in nature that most are repulsed by. They are beautiful, some just can’t see it. I aim to convince the viewer of the innate glamor that these “grotesque” organisms have. Therefore, I have created my sculpture to feel alive. It has a presence, personality and liveliness that one cannot ignore. The sculpture is delicately balanced, to give the impression that it will get up and walk away the moment the door is closed.
This creature should be uncomfortable to get close to, but has an allure that emanates from it, drawing us in like a previously undiscovered creature that must be studied.
This pulchritudinous being is a window into how I see the world around me.

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