Ariana Brown

Stiched Negative Series
Large Format Negatives and Thread
8" x 10" Each

Stiched Series
Silver Gelatin Prints
8" x 10" Each


I am from Rock Hill, South Carolina. I am working to earn a B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in commercial photography at Winthrop University. I have lived with my grandparents since I was nine months old; they have taken me on many trips to other parts of the U. S. and to Europe. Travel has given me a unique perspective because I have been exposed to many different cultures and types of people. Additionally, my interest in art history has pushed me to have a stronger conceptual aspect in my work. In the future, I hope to have a commercial job working either for a magazine or a gallery because I enjoy working with other creative minds.

Artist Statement:

People fall apart and put themselves back together but are forever changing. The intention of this body of work was to explore a physical manipulation of large format negatives. Cutting up the portrait and putting it back together for printing is representative of the human condition. Though the negatives are put back together, the changes and fractures are very evident. Some of the negative pieces are reassembled with water between two glass panels and printed on silver gelatin paper. Other negatives are sewn together with thread and printed.

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