Becky Fuller

Artist Statement:

I use photography as a means of story preservation. Photographs have a unique way of capturing a moment, an emotion, and a person. My goal is to use my camera as a means to get to a world of new relationships and new stories. My choice of subject comes from a deep place of personal interest, people. We are all uniquely woven with experiences, personalities, thoughts, and features. I am curious of what lies behind each person’s eyes and what experiences have touched them. My photography captures a moment in time and preserves the memory. My style is bright and natural, vibrant with color. I want my photographs to be airy and timeless, regardless if they were taken in studio or with natural light.


Becky picked up her first camera in the 8th grade in her hometown, Florence, SC. It was a point and shoot. However, it wasn’t until her sophomore year of high school that she picked up her first DSLR. Realizing she could use a camera to be involved in a story outside of herself she was captivated. She fell in love with wedding photography her senior year of high school. A hopeless romantic at heart, she found herself infatuated with stories of how people met and how they make it through impossible circumstances. After graduation, she plans to grow her own full time wedding photography business. Her faith and relationship with Jesus Christ plays a big role in her passion. When she realized she could use her creativity to serve other people and be a part of a huge day in their lives, it became clear to her of what she wanted to do.