Brandy Scholl

Lesson #12
Steel, Tinfoil, Acrylic, Steel Wire
36" x 36"


I am from Greenville, South Carolina. I am a candidate for a B. F. A. in Art with a concentration in general studio with emphases in jewelry/metals and sculpture at Winthrop University. I have studied commercial stone-setting and marble carving in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo di Medici Institute. After graduation, I plan to work for a jewelry company while also creating sculptures for galleries. I also plan to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree and teach workshops to fellow jewelers.

Artist Statement:

The main focus in my work is the emotional relationship between home, family, and self. I use a variety of materials to create minimalistic installations and wall pieces. The vast majority of my work involves glass, steel, thread, and reflective surfaces. My recent work is primarily about tension in the home by using seemingly strong materials, such as steel and mirror, to give a false sense of security that is ultimately shattered in the sudden destruction of the piece. My goal is to create installation pieces that evoke a strong emotional reaction from the viewers.