Caroline Kalayjian

Oil on Canvas
36" x 48"


I am from North Augusta, South Carolina. I am a candidate for a B. F. A. in Art with a general studio concentration with emphases in painting and printmaking. Throughout my high school career, I participated in darkroom photography, ceramics, and figure drawing workshops, but it was not until I began studying at Winthrop that my work truly began to develop. Over the past four years, my interest has not been just art, but chemistry and physics as well, and has become the primary generator for my work. Post-graduation, my goal is to continue working with printmaking in either a commercial or fine arts setting and to further my studio practice before attending graduate school to earn my M.F.A. in Printmaking.

Artist Statement:

My work has been influenced by my interest in chemistry and physics. The charts and graphs that serve as visual representations of different molecular reactions and compositions are the visual and conceptual generators of my work. I work with painting, screen printing and multimedia collages to look past the human as a whole and examine the unseen actions that make life possible, and the difficulty that comes with understanding the various scientific and emotional relationships therein.

Artist Website: