Chandlee Freudenberger

Hanging Pods
Steel, Food Dye, Salt Water
Sizes range from 2’ x 1’ x 6” to 4’ x 1.5’ x 10”


Artist Statement:

I deal mostly with steel in my sculptural work. I became enamored with the material while working in the foundry at Winthrop and like making work with steel very much. I enjoy creating many types of objects, from wearables to entirely decorative objects. Steel can be molded into many different and interesting forms, and that is why I find it enjoyable to work with. The goal of my work is to make steel feel like a material that is formed or grown naturally, rather than being made in a factory. I try to create a sense of growth through the layering of welds on top of welds and by selectively rusting and melting out areas of the forms. I also spend time allowing the rust to spread naturally and layer synthetic cotton mixed with wood glue and steel dust to create even more growth. I believe that the poetic nature of my sculpture comes from the use of synthetic materials to create a ‘living’ object.


Chandlee Freudenberger is a B. F. A. in art, general studio major with concentrations in Sculpture and Drawing from Clemson, South Carolina. After graduating from D.W. Daniel High School, she came to Winthrop University with limited art experience. During her time at Winthrop she has focused on working with steel in her sculpture classes, and has also focused on figurative drawing for three semesters. Chandlee also spent time at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts gaining experience in traditional steel and iron forging. At the end of her time at Winthrop, she is planning to gain her masters in Art Education and teach at the middle or high school level.