Charles Hickey

Candle Ken
Digital Photograph
30” x 20”

Mixed Media
3.5’ x 3’ x 3’

The Empty Nester
Mixed Media
3.5” x 3” x 8”

Artist Statement:

These four works are part of a series, titled Violets Are Violent, dealing with the negative effects of hyper masculinity in American culture. Each piece addresses the way men and boys are taught how to wear the skin of a “man” and how that skin smothers traits that are part of being human. One of these pieces, titled Tipping, addresses the different treatment between men and women in relation to sexual history. The head of a Ken doll, with the word “SLUT” written across his forehead, has a halo and a prime position on the toppled dresser that makes him appear to be tipping the dresser over. The movement and elevation of the dresser is actually due to a votive figure of the virgin Mary, carrying all the weight of the piece and structurally supporting the tipping motion. Hidden in the work there are multiple references to masculinity and the culture that plays a part in this uneven treatment between perceived genders.


Charles Hickey is seeking a B.F.A. in art at Winthrop University with a concentration in sculpture. He is from Atlanta, Georgia and has interned at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland, Vermont. After graduation, he will again spend the summer at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, this time as the assistant studio manager. In the fall, Charles will begin graduate studies at Syracuse University to continue a body of work that promotes dialogue on social problems.