A Bouquet of Winter Roses
11.5 x 9 x 5 inches


In my work I begin slowly with lots of research and, after a long stretch of experimentation and exploration, I find my rhythm and create a series of works in a fraction of the time my research and exploration took.

One of my favorite forms to work with are mugs. Mugs are objects that most people use everyday. By placing them on a pedestal or a pillow, I allow the viewer see the mugs in a new light without them losing their functionality. For example, the handles are constructed in a thin and seemingly fragile way to make the viewer handle the piece with more care. I detached the handles from the bodies of the mugs in order to accentuate the organic forms of the vessels. My series and forms take inspiration from human and nature.

In my work, the pillows and pedestals serve as both environments for the animal-like forms and ways of elevating the forms beyond what is the norm. Also, the pillows’ softness is juxtaposed with the hardness of fired clay. The human and animalistic forms in my work tend to have an organic flow, allowing the viewer to believe that the vessels could walk away.

self image - Christopher Seb Brown-Emanuelli.jpg