Perhaps Not What You Would Expect From a Body
Steel, fabric, wood, casters, speakers
Dimensions Variable. Approximately: 7 x 8 x 4 feet


As an artist I am interested in making work that is challenging, experimental, and contemporary. I draw much of my inspiration from the history of sculpture as well as emerging ideas and practices in contemporary art.

My process will generally begin with doing an action of some sort, whether that be making an element, or placing/manipulating a found object. Once I have an element of the work established I can begin reacting to it and building upon it through formal relationships. This process continues while editing throughout until I reach a point where the work feels finished.

What most excites me when making sculpture is working fast and intuitively, and also working with a wide array of materials and processes. As a result of this I have embraced an aesthetic of rawness and energy.

Craig Stewart - Craig Alan Stewart.jpg