Dakota Greywolf

Sage ash, abalone shell, beeswax
5 cm x 10 cm x 11 cm


I grew up in a suburb of Greenville, South Carolina, before it became one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. My first artistic interests were music and writing, and eventually what were pass-time activities became my reference point for understanding visual art. I am in the process of earning a B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in sculpture, a discipline that was entirely new to me when I arrived at Winthrop University. Learning how to work with new and non-traditional materials in the context of sculpture keeps me passionate and interested in making art, while supplying me with endless challenges. When Iā€™m not growing a sculpture, or repurposing found objects, I can be found outside covered in mud or reading a book about exotic flowers.

Artist Statement:

The making of sculpture with natural materials allows me to immerse myself in my environment. Experimentation, collection of materials, and extensive research goes into the creation of my pieces, along with a host of ethical concerns that keep me from relying on traditional materials like steel, bronze, plastic etc. to make sculpture. To maintain a wholesome and organic studio practice is a difficult task, but it is this challenge that keeps me interested in creating sculpture.

Artist Website: