Dallas Austin

Inherited Box
Cast cement, found objects, light with pull chain


I am from Greenville, South Carolina, where I attended the Fine Arts Center. I spent half of my high school days there in advanced art courses. My studies there led me to Winthrop University where I am currently earning a B.F.A in Art with a concentration in sculpture. My recent artwork is a reflection on my family experiences and the concept of the household. Most of my processes pertain to woodworking and casting yet remain inherently experimental with performative elements. I have learned in my time at Winthrop that I enjoy the presentation of artwork just as much, if not more, than actually making it. I will seek a career in gallery and museum management and eventually hope to open my own gallery.

Artist Statement:

I incorporate a new technique in each new piece of artwork I make. This is the nature of my process, each time I accomplish something in a work, I move on to something else I have not yet done. It is because of this, mentally, that until recently my artwork has not stood as a cohesive body. I am currently focusing on cement casting and experimental use of heated wire and glass. These experiments have developed into a Home series has emerged from heating wire between sheets of glass. This led to embedding heating elements in cast cement shelves to melt plastic objects on top of them. My work is a comment on family life, the transition out the household and the absence of family.