Drew Edwards

Artist Statement:

I have very recently embraced my love for bright, reflective materials such as glitter and cellophane.  What helped me to incorporate these items was a study I found that states that humans are attracted to shiny materials because of our natural instinct to look for water. This was the start of my embellished wood sculptures.  As the works have developed I have slowly become more concerned with different compositions formed in these wall sculptures. In making these I am attempting to analyze my behavior as well as those around me, while also basking in the oddity that is our contemporary plastic world.


Drew was born in Ohio and came to South Carolina when he was 16.  As a graduate of the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, South Carolina he was drawn to the positive reputation that Winthrop’s Fine Arts program has.  He originally came to Winthrop seeking a B.FA. in general studio with emphases in print-making and ceramics. However, after falling in love with sculpture, he switched to printmaking and sculpture. He hopes to eventually earn a masters degree in film and costume design.