Emily Furr


I was raised in Charleston, South Carolina where I developed a passion for creating and a love for art. I am currently a BFA candidate specializing in Painting and Drawing at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. After I graduate I plan to further my exploration of oil paints as well as other media in graduate school as well as in my own personal studies.

Artist Statement:

My interest in portraiture began with an exploration in creating depth with color, beginning in still lives and then becoming more prominent with my portraits. I became attached to the process of painting people. The paintings became translations of how I see my subject and in turn how that is rendered in paint. I recently began incorporating patterns and fabric into my work to create a portrait that goes past just painting a face. I choose colors, patterns and fabrics based off of what I know of a subject and how I see them. Experimenting with fabric led me to embroidery and how textiles and thread could be incorporated with the paint. I found correlations in creating a portrait with embroidery versus a portrait in paint. Combining the painting with embroidery was a satisfying conglomerate of two media that peaked my interest but were very different. This in turn created a new style and interesting play on depth within my portraits. My aim is to have a continual growth in my body of work based off of skills and techniques I have learned while also advancing this knowledge with experimentation and reaching outside of my comfort zone.

Artist Website: