Eric Padgett

Anachronism of Our Time
Rubber, Wisteria, and Bamboo
L 24’’ x W 20’’ x H 60”


I am from Fairfax, located in the low country of South Carolina. I attended the Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities and following graduation I moved to Memphis to attend Memphis College of Art. I subsequently transferred to Winthrop University where I am a candidate for a B.F.A. in Art with a concentration in general studio with emphases in sculpture and drawing. Practicing natural skills is inspiring to me because what I need to create is simple, and material is abundant. I work to bring material out of its conditioned social contexts and into what it can be. Thinking between craft and art has been an influence on my art work. This has led me to techniques such as weaving, knotting, and starching material in some recent work that takes fibers to a rigid form, a radical change to what it was in the beginning.

Artist Statement:

My sculptures and drawings are both intuitive and exhibit a sense of meditative repetition in building forms and surfaces. My process is based on repetition and is pulling from craft, while at the same time looking for opportunities to expand on what the technique offers. My materials are usually fibrous natural material such as ropes, threads, vines and bamboo, but I also have juxtaposed these with steel and concrete. While using the materials that are readily available, the overall intention is to embody these objects with an implied human quality from implied use or proximity to other components.