Garrett Bowman

Stained Glass
Cyanotype, gesso, graphite, and charcoal
36" x 44"

Artist Statement:


I create drawings and photographs inspired by my experiences in faith and the message of the Gospel.  To construct the drawings, I use charcoal, graphite, and other mediums. The photographs are created using pre-digital film processes that are then printed through traditional darkroom printing techniques.  The intention of this work is for the viewer to ask questions about their internal opinions and outwardly expressed viewpoints.  My hope is that my work will provide a catalyst for conversation about the hope and grace that can be found in the Gospel.


Garrett Bowman’s interest in art began to develop in his late high school years. The creation of work that was aesthetically pleasing and interesting to the untrained eye became a goal that was addictive. He has found that his motivation in fine art studies comes from a desire to find new and exciting ways to share the story of the Gospel with those who have not claimed God’s promises. Bowman hopes that, through his involvement in local ministries and his time in personal growth and development, more of his work will reflect the beauty and boldness of what it looks like to be a Christ-follower. After graduation, Garrett Bowman will be pursuing an internship with Baptist Collegiate Ministry, during which he hopes to continue to create work and grow with the art community.