Grace Windey

I Am Different
3 years of shredded sketchbooks, poetry and love letters, woven, black velvet book covers

Artist Statement:


My current work focuses on the impact of personal experience on the creative practice. Through reflection during my time as an undergraduate, I’ve decided to revisit incomplete ideas and renovate my practices simultaneously.  My work has centered on trauma for a long time and produced a body of work that is resilient and provocative. Moving forward my goal is acceptance, not only of my practices but also of myself. I have always believed in persistent questioning. It is a staple in my art-making. That intense introspection has been a challenge and often an obstacle to my art. I was ashamed of my fluidity and boldness. I was self-conscious about my multidisciplinary approach. I see now that making is in itself a question. It doesn’t have one answer. I want my answer to be genuine. This current body of work seeks to scrutinize old work and bring them into a clearer scope. I am turning trauma into training and practice into preparation.


Grace Windey is an interdisciplinary artist from Greenville, South Carolina. She is a B. F. A. in art candidate with a concentration in sculpture at Winthrop University. Her time at Winthrop has been spent crafting sculptural objects and installations based upon personal experience and exploring the impact of performance art. After graduation, she will attend Bowling Green State University for a Master’s degree in jewelry and metals. Ultimately, she would like to open a maker’s space to serve the community and promote creative growth.