Untitled (Panel I)
Mixed Media
8 x 4 feet


Art art aExperimentation is at the forefront of this line of work. The utilization of non-traditional material is extremely important to this series, as well as the subjugation of these materials to unconventional uses. This manner of object-making opens up the potential for discovery within the line of work, with each new innovation informing qualities of successors. Despite their investigative nature, formal decisions reconcile the sculptures, such as the relation of the forms to the panel, the relation of the forms to their respective surfaces, and even the forms themselves, creating pieces that are both progressive and traditional.

These ambiguous qualities are inherent throughout the works. The forms are suggestive of life and living things, yet are too vague to be any one particular being. Matted fur and vestigial horns evoke mammalian qualities, but the forms suggest a vague, distant memory occupying physical space. The works exist on three dimensional and two dimensional planes, hovering indistinctly between paintings and sculptures with their animalistic forms interacting with surfaces to become something that is not simply two-dimensional or three-dimensional.


final_5 - Jason.jpg