Joshua Baker

Melt Piece


I am from Lexington, South Carolina. I am currently enrolled at Winthrop University where I am earning a B.A. in Art. My goal after graduation is to attend graduate school where I plan to study art administration and studio practices.

Artist Statement:

Throughout my artistic career I have endeavoured to explore a variety of mediums in order to best express the variety of thematic concepts with which my art is concerned. My work itself is a medium for my expression of the human condition. The binary oppositions found within humanity fascinate and inspire me to create; life and death, growth and destruction, memory and loss, and the constant human struggle against the passage of time drive me to create. I consider my work consistently experimental in its process. The nature of the techniques and mediums I use in my artwork does not allow it to stand cohesively, rather individual representations of my thematic expression. I am currently focused on mans fascination with destruction. I am exploring this through the application of various processes to distort and destroy wax cast. I feel that my experimental nature allows me to continually grow as an artist and remain curious and passionate.