Kathryn Shaw

Invasive Organics
Paper over wire frame, wax covered branches
3’ x 2’ x 2.5’

Birth Space
Paper and Glue Compound
2.5’ x 1.5’ x 5”


I am a sculptor from South Carolina. I am a candidate for a B.F.A in Art with a concentration in sculpture from Winthrop University. Though I have lived much of my life in the States, I have also spent many months traveling throughout Europe and lived more than three years in Germany. My experiences while traveling have cultivated my love of visual contrasts as seen through much of Europe, such as the dichotomy of nature and infrastructure and modern art next to classical architecture. The interesting relationship between Europe’s long history and progressive innovation have influenced the visual relationships seen in my sculpture. While here, my love for nature and organic structures have come together with passion for tactual surfaces for my current series of works. Once I’ve earned my degree I plan to continue with my current strain of exploration in sculpture while also pursuing my other passions, writing and illustration.

Artist Statement:

These pieces are about the relationship and contrast between form and texture, with the intention to inspire a sense of familiarity as well as curiosity. The shape of each piece mimics multiple elements of the natural world, such as the pattern of flower petals or the form of a nest or egg sack. However, none of these works displays an exact form, each instead suggesting at many familiar shapes. Over these forms are distinct textures intended to further the relation to nature while also being foreign and with no hint to its material. Each piece is made from purchased handmade paper that has been formed around an internal frame. The process is long and fairly intuitive, each shred of paper painted with a glue mixture and then placed and formed by hand.