Kathryn Thoma

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Behind the Fig Leaf: Contemporary Female Artists and the Problematic Female Gaze
Handmade Book


I am from Greenville, South Carolina, but currently live and work in Rock Hill. I will be graduating Spring 2016 with a B.A. in Art with a minor in art history. During my time at Winthrop, my studies have taken me to New Zealand, where I developed an interest in and began studying feminist and gender art theory. Since then I have pursued studies in art history and conducted research through internships in historical archives at places such as the Charlotte Mint Museum and currently at Sozo, a Charlotte art gallery. I plan to continue my research after graduation and take my studies of art and gender theory to the graduate level.

Artist Statement:

My research focuses primarily on work by female artists and how they approach concepts such as power and gender. Feminist and revisionist theory has revealed the difficulty that women artists face when approaching images such as the male nude. The current visual language of art, which has been developing for thousands of years, struggles to adapt to the concepts that these women are trying to portray, as art for so long has been a male-dominated field. I am using my research to further clarify how this language originated and how women artists might continue to create their own visual language while avoiding the problems that exist within the current one.

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