Kitty Nix

Carpal Diem
Copper, Satin
5.5” x 5.5” x 5.5” (size based on when piece is “worn” and fingers are dangling)

Copper, Fabric
L: 3.5” x W: 3.5” x H: 6.5”

Fabric, Polyester Stuffing
55” x 28” x 7”

Artist Statement:


My work explores relationships within form and texture, and the various ways of shaping and forming material. In metal, I’ve explored chasing and repousse, forming techniques, and integrating alternative materials. Often, pieces consist of a marriage between metal and fabric with a combination of sewing and metalsmithing techniques. As a sculptor, I use fabric and blacksmithing techniques to explore form on a larger scale. Most recently I have explored relations to the body and natural organic forms. Aquatic and plant life inspire me due to the vast range of unique forms and movement. It is at the intersection between formality and materiality where my work emerges. My recent metalwork has an increased emphasis on figurative elements and interaction with the body. Parts of the human body are misplaced, distorted, or put into an uncanny context, narrowly avoiding the grotesque. The recontextualization of the figure is a direct confrontation of identity, and questions the significance of the corporeal aspect of living.


Kitty is a metalsmith and sculptor who works with ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as sewing and fabric. Lately, they’ve been exploring the human form and its relationship to materials. Kitty opts to avoid concept-reliant work, in favor of work that challenges them to explore technical skills. Currently, Kitty is working towards earning a BFA in in sculpture and metalsmithing from Winthrop University. Thanks to a fabrication/production job nearby with a fine jeweler, they’re amplifying their professional and technical skills. After graduation, Kitty plans to stay in town for a year or so before heading off to grad school, far away from the American Southeast.