Flow and Accumulate II
Paint, sand, graphite, chalk
10 x 5 x 1 feet


My current work explores the tension that can be created between contrasting materials and different forms of objects. This tension and relationship between materials provides a visual reference to a feeling or state of being. I have an interest in everyday materials that are regularly seen throughout life, such as vinyl, wood, steel, cinderblocks, spices, sand, fabric, and graphite. I sculpt, fabricate, and exploit the differing materials and textures into one sculpture or installation.

My artwork is a proposition, it is not definite or always recognizable. This obscurity prompts the viewer to contemplate the form and consider its possible associations. I explore concepts and ideas such as balance, safety, fragility, persistence, instability, failure, and brokenness. The way I evoke these feelings and ideas is by crafting and transforming materials to generate contrast in their design and organization. For example, I pour spice onto a substrate to convey the beauty in lack of control. I prop objects up so that their instability is clear, as if they could fall by the touch. I split cinderblocks into pieces to convey brokenness. By implementing diverse states of objects and materials composed into one form, I elicit people to ponder their unique relationship with the work, such as the emotions they discern from the object or how it relates to a poignant moment or feeling they have had in their lives.

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