Lindsey Bargar

The Mad Hatter (series)
Digital Photography
16" x 24" each


I was born in Seaford, Delaware and moved from Virginia to Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 2001. I started homeschooling my freshmen year of high school and fell in love with expressing myself through photography. In college, I began taking pictures on film, creating with alternative processes, and learning how to make my own quality prints. My dream is to continue exploring photography and to be part of an artist community. I am interning at The Light Factory in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I help to curate shows, teach photography classes, and more.

Artist Statement:

Photography can be manipulated into the most beautiful or the strangest of imagery. With such an expansive medium I focus on never getting stagnant. In recent works I am experimenting with portraiture while not losing a sense of artistic integrity or sense of humor. My photography stands out with bold colors, strong focal points, and simplicity tied to dynamic lighting. Though my recent focus has been portraits, I also enjoy shooting landscapes and still life photography. My hope is to continue to pursue photography and be a part of an artistic community that encourages other photographers to enter the art world.

Artist Website: