Catalyst I
Plaster, steel
16 x 16 x 72 inches

Nielson_M2 - Matthew Nielson.jpg
Nielson_M2_Detail - Matthew Nielson.jpg

Catalyst III
Plaster, steel
12 x 24 x 48 inches

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Line Abstraction II

Nichrome wire



My work embodies life and death, order and chaos, growth and erosion. Antithetical processes that stand in constant opposition to one another but still intrinsically linked. Through differing materials and processes the work manifests the essence of these constantly opposing forces. I offer an arena for them to co-exist.

The object relies on an original state that is ordered and rigid. Forms are organized based on geometry and architecture. Here I exert the most control in the creation of the piece where the craft of the work is most essential. Though, to stop here would leave the piece lifeless and static. It must be subjected to a process that is unstable and subverts my attempts to maintain control. Typically, these processes are fluid and dynamic and can either add to or take away from the mass of the original form. What remains can be called an artifact of an event where the artifice of my work collides with chaotic change. A perversion of my desire for control and logic.
Even though it may seem an impossibility I have the desire to be able to see these extremes co-habitat. For me they form a basis for reality. One can never escape the unpredictable circumstances that seek to interrupt our organized lives. I believe these interruptions can be beautiful.


Matthew headshot - Matthew Nielson.jpg