Meaghan Westfall

Concrete, crushed velvet, gold fabric, silk organza, push pins, colored gels, flashlights, black interior paint, tape, epoxy

Artist Statement:

My work is a balance between ideal and actuality. I have a habit of developing ideas of how an intangible emotion or feeling can best be portrayed. My past work revolved solely around the emotions of others. I attempted to find ways of healing the viewer or making some sort of positive emotional impact through light and material. Something that makes you question the positivity of colors and materials. However, recently I have begun to use forms of concrete to represent time and memories while using colored light to create an environment that allows others to step into parts of my own emotions. I associate things that are intangible with tangibility. I create spaces that make my headspace visible to others and gives them the freedom to feel certain emotions relating to the colors and objects within my installations and two-dimensional work.


Meaghan Westfall grew up in South Carolina and is working towards earning a B.F.A. in art with concentrations in sculpture and printmaking from Winthrop University. She is fascinated by colored lights, concrete, Rococo, cocoons, poetry, viscous and oddly textured materials, as well as small found objects. She uses her sculpture work to meticulously explore emotional connections and her two dimensional work to create an exploration of objects on a two dimensional plane. She hopes to attend graduate school for sculpture and pursue a career in the contemporary art world.