Morgan Willis

Wall Pockets
Stoneware, underglaze, slip, various glazes, glitters, charcoal, sand, beads, wax, instant hot chocolate, eraser,  low fire red clay dust, unfired cone 10  glaze, lotion, sponge, white out, mod podge, hair, polyurethane, crayon, paper towels, cigarettes, fibers, powder, laundry soap
3' x 3'

Artist Statement:

Wall Pockets is the start of a series of ceramic vessels that live on the wall. Each wall pocket is filled with a material that I have either already used or a material that I am considering in another ongoing series. I see wall pockets as a log of ideas. I make ceramic sculptures that are process-based with organic qualities. My current process starts with draping slabs over both flat and irregular surfaces. After I build-up tiny vessels using coils and pinch pots, I alter this form by making impressions with my fingers and pushing out some sections from the inside. I finish the sculptures by filling the vessel.


Morgan Willis is a ceramic artist from Columbia, South Carolina. She is working towards earning a B.F.A. in art, general studio, with emphases in ceramics and sculpture at Winthrop University. Her goal is to be an art teacher and she plans to join the MAT5 program at Winthrop University in the summer. This program will certify her to teach on any level K-12. After her time at Winthrop University, she plans to set-up a ceramics studio and continue her personal art practice.