Nia Ricks


I was born in Pennsylvania, and grew up in Lewisville, North Carolina. I am a candidate for a B. F. A. in Art with a concentration in painting at Winthrop University. My body of work mostly consists of nonrepresentational paintings. I spent a semester in Florence, Italy, where I experimented with color, which is one of my primary interests. Upon graduation, I will enter the M. A. T. program (Master of Arts in Teaching) at Winthrop. I am interested in gallery work and teaching, and plan to have a career based in one or both of these areas.

Artist Statement:

To me, the process of painting is more significant than the final product. My work is driven by intuition and my process is spontaneous. Currently, I have been working on a series of nonrepresentational splatter and drip paintings. Nia Aloia was created haphazardly as I tested techniques and colors for other paintings. The subconscious choices I made led to a piece to which I feel very connected. I think of this piece as a visual representation of myself. The painting Aloia Eloise is named for my grandmother who passed in 2015. I made this painting the night I found out she had passed. It is full of sadness and grief, but I also consider it a celebration of her life and the love I feel for her.