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Passing Through
Oil on foam
4 x 8 feet

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My interactions with natural landscapes and people provide the impetus for my artistic inquiries. In my work, I create collages, paintings, and prints of abstract geological forms because of the connection I feel to landscapes and to every other human being. I reference rocks, landscapes, natural processes, and maps to generate imagery. Landscapes contain an immense history, a visible record of the past. Yet they continuously change as forces violently and subtly sculpt them through volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and erosion. My work mimics the way geological processes manipulate landscapes as I cut papers and reassemble them, developing multi-layered works.

A record of the past also exists inside each us in our genealogical backgrounds. People like landscapes constantly change as forces act upon them whether it be war, peace, famine, loneliness, love, addiction, hope, or fear. Thus, the history of geological forms parallels generational histories. As I layer lines, shapes, and colors, I explore the connection between humanity and landscapes. Through my process, I am reminded of the changes always occurring in landscapes and people that shape them into what and who they are.


Olivia_Adams - Olivia Noelle Adams.jpg