Samantha White

Big Blue
Digital Imaging


I am from Charleston, South Carolina. I am pursuing a B.A. in Art and minoring in Social Sciences at Winthrop University. I discovered a love for art in high school when I spent time studying general art, sculpture and yearbook editing.  During earlier studies as a graphic design major, I developed an interest in the Adobe Illustrator program, and I have continued to create art based on photo redraws. After graduation, I intend to continue to pursue my career in cake decorating while designing informational material for a local horse rescue.

Artist Statement:

Through the years I have struggled to create artwork for the classroom because it never felt like it was mine. When I create a work of art I sit down and do it for fun and relaxation. I do not limit myself to one medium, style or concept but rather take my inspiration from the world around me and decide what medium to portray that piece after the thought has been formed. My hobbies, my interests, and anything that I would deem enjoyable makes its way into my artwork. In this piece, my fish has become my inspiration.

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