Outside My Window
Found objects, wood, twine, apples
44 x 28 x 105.5 inches



Outside My Window is a representation of Singer, Billie Holiday’s Strange fruit. The lyrics to Holiday’s work brings awareness and reality to the rising number of African American lynching’s in the South during the 1930’s. Within my work I wanted to capture the lifeless movement from these bodies by comparing them to lifeless wrapped apples hanging from tree limbs. Holiday also uses a comparison of the sweet-smelling magnolias to the smell of burning flesh. This line is expressed by the sweet smell of the freshly baked pie that sits in the window pain. As I become more aware of the untaught history of African Americans during slavery, the more I’ve become accepting and proud of my culture and what all we have endured. This work much like my others is a reminder of what it feels like to be black in America.

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