Shelby Furr

Bare Elegance
Scanned Polaroids
11" x 14”

Artist Statement:


In my latest work I have been exploring the nude figure. There is something jarring yet intimate about a naked body that I attempt to capture in my photographs. This image is from a series of photographs exploring flowers alongside the figure juxtaposed with text. I began to explore text in my images after studying a painting by Jenny Saville of a nude figure with text on the body. The inclusion of flowers was inspired by photographer Walter Hubert’s book titled, Naked: Flowers Exposed.


Shelby was born in Chesterfield, Virginia but spent high school in Baltimore, Maryland where she had her first experiences with photography. She is a B.F.A. in art candidate at Winthrop University with a concentration in commercial photography. After graduation she plans to stay at Winthrop to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching degree. Her goal is to be a high school photography teacher and do her part to encourage and guide the next generation of artists.