Carved Vase
12 x 6 x 6 inches


As a functional artist, I create works that are meant to be used by my audience. Because I want my work to be used, I choose a stoneware clay body because it is a stronger clay recipe that does not chip as easily compared to others. The stoneware clay can also withstand more drastic temperature changes which creates a wider range of functional items I can create. I enjoy working with clay more than any other materials because it is very forgiving and easy to work with. The process can be additive or subtractive making it very easy to edit work.

I would like to continue working on my throwing skills so I can make larger forms faster than what I can do hand building them. I want to start creating larger forms to push myself and expand on my skills as an artist. Even though I enjoy making functional work the most, I feel as though to grow as an artist I need to do more than one thing. Through making these large vases I am creating a form that can still, technically, be used as functional item; however, it will be so large that it could also be considered more sculptural.

On top of creating larger forms, I would also like to explore decorating the pot more with different glazing applications. I have been very simple in my glazing application in the past and I would like to further my knowledge on different ways of decorating the form. This way I can expand on my techniques of glaze application and creating to glaze recipes.

headshot - Sierra Lynn Hyer.jpg